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:hmm: i have a 91 hatch just installed tokico blues and tein s-tech springs
front of the car droppped damn near to the ground and the ass end didnt move
(no the front springs arent in the rear and vice versa)
what the hell is going on this is my daily driver and i need a way to get to and from work



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im at work right now when i bring it in the shop later i will try to post some

i work at a vw dealer so im goin to have one of the techs look at it after i get off


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are the upper mounts set in the perch right? sometimes the mounts can move (because the lower springs are shorter then stock) and when you let the car down, they can no seat in right, so the car sits higher then if the spring was in the upper perch right.

thats all i can think of, unless they sent you the wrong rear springs...



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you might also want to let them sit in for a day or two if you are still stuck without an answer, when we put new springs on my buddies car, it took 2 or 3 days for the car to finally settle down to its new height.


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Originally posted by racintweek@Mar 24 2004, 04:44 AM
:chair: yea im kicking myself the springs were swapped front to rear
i'm a dumbass

its fixed now

Yeah I told you so,been there done that,3 to 4 hours lost to the spring swap.


I knew you had them on backwards as soon as I saw you say, "no the front springs arent in the rear and vice versa". LOL


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car rides great it sticks in the turns and isnt harsh over bumps

the front is a little high but will come down when ever i get the LS in there

at least i didnt waste too much time i put my bushings in the rear control arms
and got those in