Took some pics today


no you dont.

the only garage i use is claytons, and thats far between now that he taught me how to do all this good stuff... speaking of, i think ima visit the guy this weekend sometime. i got time to kill. :)


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You have a garage ! Both of you !

Are those all your Hondas on the first page ?

-> Steve


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No there not all mine, actually im down to just the Hatch, Audi, and Bike now. I need to go get some more cars dang it :)


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BTW the picture with the dude and the porshe, he was taking pictures of his car. So we took a picture of him taking a picture of his car.

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How are Porcupine's and Porshe owners different?

*porcupine's got the pricks on the outside* :)