Top 18 Reasons Not To Steal From My Car!

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quick update... for anyone who doesn't know.. my sol got broke into.. we caught the perpetratiors and they were apprehended by the authorities...

People vs. Randy Lee Pierce
Ingham County Michigan Circuit Court Case #02-1227
Judge Thomas Brown 3rd Floor of the Veteran's Memorial Court House
313 W. Kalamazoo St in Lansing Michigan.

Randy Lee Pierce was sentenced to the following on Feb. 12, 2003.
1) 3 Years of Probation with YTA (youthful training act) DENIED. Therefore Mr. Pierce has a felony on his record for life.
2) last 90 days of his probationary term served in Ingham County Jail with no days credit for time already served for this case. (He is only 17 now, so he has 3 long years of looking forward to going to jail.)
3) complete high school or get a GED
4) not associate with anyone with a felony record, including James Arthur Nelson
5) pay $929.75 in restitution
6) court costs totalling: $1,260
7) $60 crime victims fee
8) DNA fee: $60
9) court appointed attorney fees: $400
10) 100 hours of community service

as if that wasn't special enough...
now for the big baller james arthur nelson...

mr. nelson's previous FUCK ups include stealing a Ford F-150 from a parking lot in Mt. Pleasant Michigan, coincidentally he is still on probation for this matter and has charges pending to drop his YTA status in Mt. Pleasant therefore getting yet another felony on his permanent record.

for anyone interested this was at the same location on Feb 19, 2003 case# 01-1226
i'll continue the list of reasons not to break into my car with james arthur nelson's sentence... (he is also 17 and in high school)
11) 18 months probation with the first 6 months served on an electronic monitoring device at the cost of $8.50 / day (total: $1555.50)
12) DNA fee: $60
13) crime victim fee: $60
14) probation fees: $450
15) restitution: $911.59
16) court costs: $450
17) submit to a search of his person or vehicle at any time without probable cause or a warrant.
18) since he bumbled his YTA already, he had no chance here.... mark down felony #2



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word. thanks guys. it's not every day they get busted for that shit.

they are both :ghey:


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(19) Now everyone on can laugh till they cry about how humanity is going downhill.

(yah, okay, i'm a cynic from time to time)
insert "THIS THREAD ROCKS!" pic here. :D wow, but do they actually expect a couple of 17 yr. olds to come up with all that money? (court costs, etc.)


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so whats up with the dna test? did they cut themselves and leave blood in your car? they wont even check for fuckin fingerprints here, thats ghey.


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WOO WOO! And that is what happens when you do stupid shit 99.9% of the time.

GJ Adam, can I have ur VAFC now? :)


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Sweet. Time to check up on the cops for the guys who stole my laptop and briefcase...

Sweet InStinct

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DO NOT ASK Y I POSTED THIS.. it just seemed appropriate.. im a weird way.... :blink: