Torqued a lug bolt in half.

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I have a 94 civic. I torque a lug bolt in half and need to replace. I took all of the brakes part off including the rotor. I actually took the whole knuckle off of the car. But I was wondering how to get the bad bolt out to put another one in. I looks like the hub has to be pulled. Has anyone done this on a civic. I know that it is really easy to do it on a integra from what I have heard.



I just had the front apart on my del sol. It is not a hard job but you have to have a press. Before pressing the 2 piece hub apart look at the posistion of the bearing from the inside of the car. It took quite a bit of pressure to seat the assembly correctly. If you do not have a helms go to Majestic Honda or some other site that has exploded views of the compnents.

don't forget to give your car an alignment when done..... or you might be replacing your rubber .