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ok so w just got the motor for my boys car
we have a 2002 toyota celica GT,the original motor(1zzfe) blew up
he bought a motor,harness and ecu from,all this from a 2002 celica GTS(2zzge) we are trying to piece together all the accssories,hoses,sensors,that were taken from the motor prior to shipment(the sent us a motor with all internals,the manifolds,coil packs,and that is it
i need hose diagrams,and he is missing a couple sensors,anone have an info or pix of their own 2zz we can use for referance??
those vacuum lines are going to be your biggest pain. I would consolidate and re-do the vacuum from scratch.
If it's not in the next few weeks, I may be able to. Right now I'm stuck at home with no frikkin' gas.
ill see if i can dig up some of my old pics i had a 2002 celica, it was a pos went through 3 trans and a motor with only 84,xxx on it, worst of all it was still under the extended warranty. ill see what i can find anything that may help
Ever think of just buying a OEM shop manual? I wouldn't attempt anything like you're doing with out it, or at least a rip from the internet.....
it was a gt but i cant find any of my pics before i pulled the motor.did you try any of the toyota celica forum sites