Trade For A Ls\vtec Or Complete Gsr

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I want a complete GSR motor and tranny, or a ls\vtec with tweaked tranny. I have 3 ES1 motors and tranny's out of 2 `83 preludes and one 86, they are the carbed edition before they came out with the b-18 series. i was gonna just slap on a gsr head but wiring is looking too hellish... so i'm just gonna throw a new beast in there. if anybody wants to trade or knows somebody that wants to trade or knows where i can sell `em for a good price i'd appreciate it... laterz
Not to piss on your wheaties or anything but i dont think anyone is dumb enough to trade a complete gsr or ls/vtec for carburated engines....I aslo didnt know you could slap a gsr head on those motors.......But good luck anyways...