Trading in the ST for a C6 Vette

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Title says all, tired of the ST and its 4000 miles from being out of warranty, Im waiting till 2nd week of Jan and buying a C6 (preff Z06 in sunset orange) ... time to get big boy toy
Lol no as in nobody in tire shops carry them because generally they arent needed, and nobody keeps winter tires/wheels to change in the year, its summer tires 24/7 ... anyrate this thread isnt about tires its abt getting rid of my shitbox ST for a C6
My uncle has had several, currently a bright yellow one with the basic bolt-ons and a reflash and it's a lot of fun. First car I did 100+mph in actually. I hope it works out for you.
Nope and im not ready to buy a house yet, also dont give me the $$$ rant the C6 cost same/less as the ST did brand new
Douglas Fir or Cedar?
I traded in the ST and bought a Vette, picking it up wens I have to demod the ST and take the stereo out this weekend, thread to come , 30k miles 3lt performance package 06 6 Speed
As long as you don't rent a room (or with parents still)...I think it's fine to get a used Vette. C6 is nice. C7 es mucho mas bueno. Do it for Dale.
Lol I do live in a rental property yes but I do have my own house , And I work for myself and run my own business
Hah. This guy is the quintessential knucklehead. Make some money and just aimlessly buy crap.
Now do some donuts.
lol I had been looking to get out of the ST for quite some time, its a 10 year old corvette... lol and less miles than my ST and cost less than I paid for my ST new .... and its alotttt more car for less money