traffic record?

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whats your record like?

i've been pulled over countless times. . .heres a few

96 in a 65, $125 fine for unreasonable speed
ran from 2 cops
racing and reckless driving, speeding in a residential area on the wrong side of the road, lost license for 30 days, payed lawyers fews, attended driver re-education class.
attended driver re-education class 3 more times.
pulled over for no reason to have my car searched to find nothing.
being in park after dusk, searched my car and found a dime.
no front plate, too loud, too low, and all that crap.

cops suck. . . but i still have a "support your state troopers" sticker on my back window ;)


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dunno whats left on mine last time i got it from the DMV it was 4 pages long ... speeding, stop lights/signs, following to close, passing on right, improper lane change, signal violations, a few accidents .... drivers re-education once ... was supposed to go a second time but i was in ICU on life support so i missed it lol ... hopefully most of that shit is gone ... im sick of paying $260 a month :(


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3 or 4 excessive noise , my stereo was audible excess of 150ft
seatbelt ticket
tint ticket
not wearing my contacts
85 in a 70
87 in a 65
55 in a 35
had my car searched for a couple of times for no reason, found nothing
rear ended a rodeo, it was raining..grrrrr, i didnt do crap to their car.
and a wreckless driving. I was 3-wheeling through a intersection, sue me :p
and i cant remember how many times ive "evaded" a cop.
Technically i wasnt evading them.. they saw my hopping, 3wheeling, or just hitting the switches. we made eye contact.. they never turned on their lights but we make eye contact.. they give me the "Im gonna get you bitch" look and bust U-turns and i dip. a lot of mine are gone. but damn ive never thought about it till now.. and i know i probably forgot a few. where i lived the cops were dicks and if you got pulled over for one thing.. you would get nailed for a few..almost guaranteed.


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60 in a 40
55 in a 40 (same fucking road 5 months later)
hit a parked car in my 82 lifted blazer. ( i was 17 and tring to park in a garaged parking lot)

3 days ago: 65 in a 40 and no seat belt


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TWO speeding, 47 into 35, both from the SAME cop.

reckless driving, 84 into 65.

following too close, failure to wear a seatbelt.

i have about 2348 that were non-moving violations. improper exhaust, improper equipment, altered suspension, window tint, no front plate.. and much more stupid, assorted bullshit!

oh and i rear ended a neon, sort of, in my 88 accord. i swerved at the last second and my bumper went under his.. the only reason i hit them was because the damn pop-up (ghey) headlight caught their bumper. minimal damage to my car, ripped the bumper off the neon. its not on my record, though@*#
80 in a 65, but the cop was actually being nice. said he i was doing between 80-100 and could easily have written me for wreckless driving....and yea, i was weaving around cars a little and was doing 100. i think he was easy on me cause i pulled over before he hit his lights, and he prolly found that i have a spotless record..which i did have.


uhh i got pulled over in my high school parking lot for 'speeding' back in highschool... warning
i got pulled over for passing in a no passing zone. warning.
uhh thats it


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like 3 speeding tickets. went to defensive driving shit once. one was a 72 in a 35 over spring break. i didnt pay it. i recieved a failure to appear and went to jail. they fucked me in court. and had to pay 5 bills and 24 hrs of community service. got hit by a drunk driver with no insurance. i pressed charges and he was a no show in court. so i got fucked.


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back in the day when I ot my liscence in order
1)I got a ticket for doin 55 in a 25. Went to court got it thrown out.

2) on my way to Quinnipiac university, I got pulled over and searched cause I looked like hippie, ha fuckers didn't find nothin.

3) about a week later on my way to college, pulled over and searched cause I looked like a hippie (w/ gratefuldead stickers on my car) again the fuckers found nothing

4)see number 2 and 3, happened again. So I took the fuckin sticker off my car all was well. (Wallingford, CT cops can lick my left nut)

5)Got a ticket on the Berlin turnpike, drivin a car with temp plates. for failure to display plate. (funniest shit ever) That got nollied never went to court.

Other than that bullshit I've never had to deal with anything.
And my record is clean and I like paying my $75 a month insurance for full coverage.


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65 in a 55
and 85 in a 75
I love NM, speeding tickets carry no points, just a fine. The fine is stiff, but with no points my insurance does not go up.


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I've only got one ticket on my record. That's all I'm saying. :D


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88 in a 55 on the freaking highway
61 in a 30, damn cop didnt radar me since i know he didnt have time to since he was going over the hill when he spotted me going fast in the other direction. i didnt ask to see the radar gun since i was late for school and it was my first experience.

i barely ever speed now, even with a radar detector, im not taking any chances. 5 mph over is the most ;)


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No speeding tickets or warnings, thanks to my radar detector. I don't speed nearly as bad as people here, which helps me keep a low profile.
I've been pulled over twice for unauthorized light use. I had a blue light in my grill. But they were only warnings.


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the first time i got pulled over i was using a radar detector. theyre a fuckin waste of money. just dont speed


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 8 2002, 01:55 AM
uhh i got pulled over in my high school parking lot for 'speeding' back in highschool... warning
i got pulled over for passing in a no passing zone. warning.
uhh thats it

b drives like my grandma


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50 in a 35
70 in a 65 (can you belive that shit?)
90 in a 65 (was really doing 120, i was able to slow down :))
80 in a 65

and a bunch of others that i fought and had thrown out of court, those are my convictions :p