transmission problems

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well i have a 92 civic 5sp and the reverse gear grinds when the engine is cold, but as soon as its warmed up it shifts fine, first gear is also kind of hard to get into sometimes. I was gonna take the car to a shop to have them look at it and see if its the gears or just the clutch. and even if it is the gears i was gonna do the clutch anyway since its already out, but my question is other than what would cause the grinding is what kind of clutch/flywheel would be better? any info a.s.a.p. would be appreciated thanks


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might be worth a shot before you go spending $$$$$ on rebuilds


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I would change out the transmission fluid. That's probably the cause of your problem. Rule out the smaller things before spending money on a rebuild that may not even be necessary.


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maybe the clutch isnt releasing all the way, make sure it has enough fluid, although i dont think temp would affect it that much


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reverse doesn't have synchros, so if the gears inside the trans are spinning it's going to grind.
put it in first, then put it in reverse.
putting it into first gear stops the gears inside the trans from spinning, and it won't grind into reverse.
fluid change isn't a bad idea either.


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ok when i do change the fluid does the car need to be up? or does it matter? or my main question would be if its not up would it change the amount of fluid in it? just the tranny side up or the whole front end? sorry for all the ???'s just havent had a civic and all my other cars were auto and was different lol


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be careful when you bleed your clutch , if you do a system flush you may end up have to by a new master. because of dirt being flushed that was holding seals together