Transmission With A New Engine

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can my stock automatic transmission hook up to a used Si engine??
ok, what year car do you have.... and i don't know what a 'si engine'
exactly is

4g civic/crx SI =d16a6
5g civic del sols SI= d16z6
6g civic SI =b16a2

ok now tell us the trim and year of your car, then the desired motor then we'll answer.
Im really not sure about which Si engine yet, because im going to try and get a used one, but I have a 98 Civic DX HB.
then if you have that year and u want an si, the engine is the b16a2. No your stock auto tranny will not bolt up. B series trannys will not work with a D series engine. You can get an automatic b16aSiRII engine (only from Japan) but the problem with them is that the gearing sucks (all honda automatic gearing sucks) and the cams are less agressive = no power. Do an automatic to stick conversion.
Ok, thats no problem I can drive standard pretty well, the only reason why I wondered if it bolted up to automatic is that it would save some money If it did, but I guess I'll just have to spend a little more money than I wanted. Thanks guys!
You might also be able to buy the B16A2 longblock separate from a B-series hydraulic actuated auto tranny and not sacrifice the power lost from the cams.
but you lose about 10% more of your power through auto trannys even if you do have good gearing