Trany Question

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I buy an 90 si tranny with no clutch and no pressure plate . My question is can i use the clutch and the pressure plate from my 91 d15b1 tranny (4 speed ) ?


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What are you doing with the 4 speed tranny?

I'm not sure I used the 92-95 clutch & flywheeel cause it's bigger = more area to grab. If the flywheels are the same it will work check part numbers at majestic.


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I have the 4 speed tranny in my car and I change it for an SI :rolleyes: and I want to take clutch and pressure plate on the 4 speed to put on the SI ;) .I will check on majestic


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Originally posted by plonger1234@Mar 23 2003, 03:58 AM
.I will check on majestic

If your talking about Majestics online catalog (,they are not the actual part numbers,they are their catalog numbers.I just ordered some stuff from them and had to have them check the actual numbers to insure they were the same.