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Ok 2 things.

1)I suspect a vacuum leak on my engine due to the sound and idle. When I put my hand over the intake while the engine is running to block air flow, I hair a hissing noise on the right side of the head, near the IM. I'm guessing I might have a vacuum leak on my IM over there. Is that an accurate way of testing that and what other ways can I find out or confirm this.

2)Is it true to check if your pcv valve is bad, to shake it & if you can't hear that rattle its bad? Is there any other way to check if its bad?

Ok on the vacum leak you plug the TB and here a hissing noise. What you can do is take and get a can of carb cleaner and spray it where you hear this noise coming from if the car starts to stall stop spraying then youll know that its leaking if its the IM then check to see if the bolts are tightend to the right torque dont tighten them by had will cause damage if over tightend.

On the PCV value that is corect. If you dont hear a rattle then that means that its is cloged. This is where the egine is leting the gas from the crank out to be burned into the intake.
hope this helps

ya boy steveo
I can see the gasket on the IM sticking out along that side and i think the rest of the way down so i'm thinking maybe the gasket wasn't put on right or sealed right. I will try the carb cleaner too, thanks. I hope it wasn't already overtightened then also. You wouldn't happen to know how many lbs of tq. the bolts need to be on the IM for a 95 b18b1.
Thanks again.
Well, checked the pcv valve and it doesn't make a noise/rattle when I shake it so I assume its bad. Usually I try to get oem parts, but is a pcv valve something I should be fine with getting from an autozone or should it be oem?
Originally posted by wanderinman@May 30 2005, 07:16 PM
PCV valve, just go to autozone, its all the same stuff... there isn't a performance valve.
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Yea I was just more worried about quality.

I seemed to have figured out where the noise is coming from when i plug the intake when its running. Its actually one of the bolts on the valve cover. Seems like the the bolt doesn't thread all the way down to the washer cuz the washer I can still move around. I wasn't thinking about just putting another washer on it but I guess it might be the wrong bolt. Its the same bolt as the one next to it so I dont get it. I'll try and take a pic when my friend comes around. Any thoughts?

Anyone able to take a pic of a 94-95 LS valve cover with all the bolts on it?
WTF man...tried to put another washer underneath that bolt but the damn bolt snapped off and broke the stud. That makes like half of the valve cover bolts/studs broken now. How do you replace the studs on the valve cover? I'm thinking I have to take off the cover and grab some vice grips and pull then out. Am I on the right track? Guess i'll be calling honda today. :(
Ill try and take some pics for you and get the torque specs for you. I have a 95 b18b1. Your gonna have to take the cover off and try to do that just be carful with metal shaveings falling in the head put a rag over the area around the bolt to make sure this doesnt happen.Ill try to get back to you as quickly as i can.

ya boy steveo
Thanx steveo
Ok, so i'm going to order the studs/nuts from honda but basically wanted to know my options on how to remove the studs. My first option and actually the only way i was thinking was to put a vice grip on the stud and just try and thread it out. Is this the correct way or should I going at this some other way. Thanks for the advice about the metal shavings. I'll be sure to put a cloth around the stud whichever way i try.
Well the studs that hold the valve cover down should have a place where you can put a 12mm wrench to them and take them out. No need for vise grips. I got a 95 b18b1 Ill try and get the info for you.

ya boy steveo