Troubleshooting Solid CEL chiped p28

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Hey google almost got my answer for me but not all the way. Heres the problem obd0 to obd1 conversion 2gen jdm b16a on a chiped p28 stock base map and stock setup. Ive got fuel coming out of the injectors during the on key position and during cranking. Ive got a strong spark coming out of each plug wire. spark plugs are good. Ive got Compression as the engine ran beautiful on the pr3 and obd0 equipment. P28 CEL goes of with fuel pump and comes back on solid after about 4 seconds or so with and with out j1 cut. Ive tested with a P06 ecu completely virgin to see if it would start my car, and the cel stays solid the whole time, and no start. I dont know how many times ive checked my distributor wiring lol.. 10+ times with 3 or 4 different sources to make sure each one was correct. ckp+ to b15 ckp- to b16 cyp+ to b11 cyp- to b12 tdc+ to b13 tdc- to b14 icm to a21 vss to b10 Im getting bat. voltage at the ignition input lead to distributor Im only getting 6.2 volts at pin a21(ICM) going into the ecu? I read its supposed to be around 10v? can someone verify this? Heres what my grounds are doing (testing with multi meter at the ecu input clips) IGP1(a25) Ignition on reads bat. voltage/ Ignition off nothing IGP2(b1) Same as IGP1 PG1(a23) Ignition off is grounded(continuity)/ Ignition on reads mili volts (less than 1v) PG2(a24) same as PG1 LG1(a26) Grounded with and without ignition on LG2(b02) same as LG1 Will a p06 start my car? Ive read that it will in limp mode? Still why is there a Solid ECU. I have a gut feeling its either an ecu problem, one of my grounds isnt doing something right, or maybe the ignition input at a21 being only at 6.2 volts? Any help from knowledgeable people would be great. Thanks Michael
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solid CEL indicates bad ecu.

the chip job probably failed. a solder connection probably broke.
locate your cel jumper wire on you obd0-1 harness and make sure its not grounded out. if it is, its essentially doing the same thing as jumping the plug on an obd1or2 car.
if it doesn't throw codes and its jumped it will stay on solid.
1st. jumper wire
2nd. Check for CEL codes (ground out the connector and see what comes up)
3rd. all fuses (under dash and under bonnet)