Troubleshooting swap/engine problems

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I know this post doesn't really belong here according to the rules but it only pertains to this particular forum so here it is anyways.

I recently found myself searching the net as I do often when I'm having trouble with a particular project. Sifting through heaps of mostly useless information I did come across a particular posting on this board in this forum in which the poster was experiencing the very same problem I am having. As I read through the many posts it becomes clear the poster and I share the exact same problem. So I continue to read the lengthy posts searching for the answer to his and more importantly my problem. The very last post in this thread is by the original poster, the one with the very same problem I am having. It seems he has figured out his problem and has the car running now. Great! What he forgot to add is HOW THE HELL HE FIXED IT!

The moral of this story: To make long troubleshooting posts in these types of forums absolutely useless, never post up the remedie to the very problem you asked everyone else on this board to help you with.

OK. I'm done ranting now!

P.S. - Does anyone know if an OBDII Honda Civic EX (Canadian Si) ECU will run an OBDII Integra engine (or distributor to be exact)?

I currently have tried both the OBDIIb Integra and OBDIIb Honda Civic ECU on an OBDII B18B in a 99 Civic Si (Canadian). The Integra ECU seems to be suffering from the Immobilizer as it stops producing an ignition signal about 3 seconds after cranking. There is no injector signal at all. The Civic ECU on the other hand is trying to start the car but will not.
I'll answer my own question as we did figure out the problem. Yes, indeed the Civic Ex (Canadian Si) ecu started and ran the B18B. The reason it wasn't starting before was due to the valve adjustment from the engine machinist. The valve lash was way out of wack and the valves were not closing. A quick compression test revealed the problem.