hey i was wondering for you guys out there with 90-93 integra......... if there is any of you who had purchase the carbon fiber trunk.... does it come with the glass or just the trunk? and what is an estimated price of it?



i doubt it would come with glass. you could probably ask the folks over at for more information regarding this because i am sure someone over there has that trunk you are wanting.


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I was thinking of getting one too. I was sort of skeptical about the strength of the CF, and when you mount a wing on it it will look kind weird. I have an itr wing im putting on my teg. Ill stick with my stock heavy metal one.


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For styling, I'd go for the CF Trunk, all you need is more "hood pins". I think they call them hatch latches for the trunk, they'd work for hatchbacks and coupes I believe. All you would need to do for your car is to have a two tone look for the exterior. A painted roof (Black) and another color for the rest of the car. When I talk about the roof, I don't mean the whole thing. I'm talking about the top area before it goes over the door/roof trim, so it'd look together. If you were to get a wing, get an all CF wing, or a CF wrapped wing.