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I've posted mostly good things in the past. I've had a few stinkers, but nothing I can call a waste of time. Well this is a 10 minute long video of the best video game ever designed. It will make PS2 and XB look like calculators. Running it must cost like ... $400 an hour. This beats every sim game on the market, or even in a dream.

Zombie Arcade

It's a huge video, I DO suggest a right-click for this one. But if you're strange, and love to fuck with people like I do - It's worth it.

thats awesome, though a bit cruel.

Though I wonder about whether or not it was real. I mean if my friend passed out in front of an arcade game and some guy starts to cart him away on neon lit stretcher, I wouldnt be so complacent as to simply do as Im told.
yeah, I call hardcore bullshit on that. I know if some random guy tried to cart off my friend, I'd kick their ass.
they wouldn't want me playing that game because as soon as I ran out of paintballs, those "zombies" would have felt the fist of fury and i'm sure they wouldn't enjoy that.
that would never fly in america. there would be lawsuits all over that thing
they put all that money into that huge setup, not to mention the design of the game...

For a fucking quarter. Not even a quarter. What do they use in England? Whatever it is....
DUDE, that's just fucked up. Whether or not that's real, it's fucked the hell up. Putting someone in a catatonic (sp?) trance, and then putting them in the actual room.....:wtf:
This guy is a famous hypotherapist / side show in the UK. He's got TV show specials where he does this. That's why the game didn't cost.

If he did get actors, her got some really shitty ones to be the dude's friend. And if you were with me, and you dozed off at a game machine and some limey came out of a closet and said "He's coming with me", I'd only ask if he was gonna use KY - But what's coming up HAS GOT TO BE funny as hell.

And it was. So I'd be happy :)

-> Steve
I think it was staged. Methinks if it were possible to put people into states like that the government(s) would be all over it though. Like others said, his friends seemed to complacent. And what if they had wound up with a boxer or someone more aggressive than that pussy. I mean I woulda drained the gun then woulda seen if Zombies have glass jaws or not. Hell, even someone not trained to fight coulda beat them with the paintball gun. That woulda been funny.