Tunning advice

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I will be using a converted P06. want to keep my P30 virgin. I wnt to be able to do all the tunning myself with a wide band O2. I am looking at Uber and Chrome as possibilities for the software. If any of you have tunned this way I would love to hear your experiences. I have acouple of questions that I need answered before I buy hardware. If I do chrome with RTP do I still need a romulator? What brand of wideband is recommended for use with crome and uber? Will I be able to remove the wideband after the chip is burned?

I could come up with some more but I will stop here.

Thanks, Friz


crome (no H!!!) and uberdata bothe rsupport real-time programming-- but they are NOT romulators. you will still need an xtronics romulator or that ostrich thing (which i have no experience with). do you need this, no.
basically, it saves you the hassel of making a change, burning a new chip, plugging the chip in the ecu. it basically acts as a dynamic chip, if you will. you just publish down the romulator through the software to resemble a chip. the ecu doesn't know the difference, and the car doesn't need to be rebooted/turned off/on. in the long run, with out a romulator, you're going to quadruple your tuning time, hate life, and wish you just spent the money on it in the first place. its such a pain in the ass to burn a chip every 2 min when you make a change.

the po6- i wouldn't use it. sure, it can be done, but its a pain... and you gotta get vtec working... and blah blah... and to me, its just not worth it. just score a p28 and chip that. hell, you can get them socketed for about 110 bucks all day.

wideband. just about anything will work.
there's 2 ways to use the wideband.

1- as a part of the car/ems
2- as a tuning tool only.

basically, you either use the widebnad as your o2, or you simply weld in another bung to the downpipe and use it as a gauge. you don't HAVE to connect it to your ecu.

if you plan to running it as in #1, i'd go with plx.
if you want it for a portable tuning device, i'd get the inovative

looks like you want #2 anyway...


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Thanks, Sol

Can't wait to get started. I am looking forward to the ecu mods. I don't mind soldering on pc boards. So I guess the RTP board doesn't take the place of a romulator. Dang. Oh well whats a $175.