Turbo kit for b20a5

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I have an 89' model prelude Si with a b20a5 I bought a month or two ag, its been fun to drive but lacks the power I would like it to have. I am new to honda motors and the turbo kits available. I have looked for a turbo kit for the past couple of weeks and found nothing but headaches. Is there anyone out there who knows where to find a complete turbo kit for a b20a5 prelude Si??? If you have any info, Id appreciate it.

Uncle Buck

JDMDecals.com guru
there isnt a true bolt on kit for the 3rd gen prelude.... you have to piece together and build your own...

for starters you will need a turbo mani.... located at:


your going to need to chip your PK2 Ecu.....(contact Motoxxxman on preludepower.com)

also there are some ppl on www.preludepower.com (join that forum and you will have loads of assistance as its the largest 3rd gen prelude forum) that are using the 2nd gen DSM turbo manifold setup with the stock 14b turbo.... there is some slight modifications needed but hey it works....