turbo or all motor?

ok for those of you who dont know, i have a GSR engine swapped into my 91 CRX Si. what i want to know is what potential is there for this engine? should i turbo it or go all motor and work with what i have? what will i need to get the best out of a turbo setup and/or an all motor setup? (i.e. internals, pistons, rods, cams, etc.) and also ive been looking around and if i go all motor im goin to get an ITR header, but i cant decide which intake manifold to use. its between skunk2 and JG elderbrock (spelling?). which one would be best for each setup. thanks in advance for any help.


the JG is huge, would be good for big turbo or some huge cams... otherwise, the skunk2 will do fine, i'm putting on my skunk2 this weekend
i saw a GSR that had the victor X manifold on it running a turbo with a shot of nitrous hit 12.69 at stanton over the summer that thing was amazing
all motor: expensive as hell... and you will never go as fast as you want to.

turbo: less expensive.. but expensive nonetheless... i would go turbo if i could.. but the man slaps me down


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and im the vtec + boost hater

swap your head for an LS, and then we can talk :p

seriously though-
#1- that pic HAS TO GO
holy fucking resoloution batman
ok, done- now its a link.

what do you HAVE to do to your motor? nothing
what SHOULD you do? well, that depends on your goals.
because vtec causes the exhaust valve to overlap and stay open longer, therefore you loose potential power as the turbo forces air into the motor and goes out that valve. Someone correct me if im wrong...because i dont like giving out false information.


somewhat true yes, they have developed turbo specific vtec cams that have virtually no overlap. stock cams would be next to best for a turbo/vtec setup. turbo and vtec can give you huge gains, just takes more tuning