Turbo Question?

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Well my buddy is looking to sell is turbo off of his GSX and I was wanting to buy it and put it on my b16a1 SiR motor when it came, but I was just wondering what I should expect out of it and if it sounds any good to you guys it is a mix and match kinda deal with a 14b Air side, 16g exhaust side (7cfm), and a 14b center section. This is just what he has told me so what do you guys think??
7cfm??????? you might as well hook up one of those ebay superchargers- cuz they make more than that.

his info has got to be wrong.... 325 cfm's is a SMALL ASS turbo. no way the eclipse with a 16g exhaust side is flowing that little.

It's a good turbo for a DIY kit.
what shape is it in? any flex? leaks? seals?
I don't know exactly, he just told me about it, and he told me he gets about 18 pounds of boost out of it in his GSX....He thought it was cool, but wants another to get flowing more or some crap, and said it would be a good one for my civic.....? he also said he just put it in, and I did check what he wrote down and it did say 7 cfm's maybe he left something out like 00?
Be sure you make sure the turbo is good b/c I put in a turbo and I didn't check it out and when I was done, it needed to be rebuilt. I had spent a week getting welding done, hosing, etc.
as a rule every 60,000 miles a turbo needs to be serviced! New bearings and seals. Find out how many miles is on that turbo. You might need to get it serviced!