turbo questions

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I have a t3 turbonetics 50/48.
is that too small for a b16, I am not looking for lots of psi, I just want to be around 10psi for a street car.

also I am looking at some different options. I was thinking about hondata, or ?
I am running a p30 what other options should I look into.

if I run hondata or ? will I still need my missing link

do I need to upgrade my ignition system with a msd or crane cams system
if you can read, and know how to use a computer then look into uberdata...

you'll prob spend about the same for a hondata system and tuning, as you would for a wideband, chip burner, and socketed ecu

uberdata or hondata should eliminate the missing link if you run reasonable boost...
search on here for max boost limits on stock maps...
i think its 9.something

honda ignition systems are said to be good to something like 400 hp?
search on here for the exact number...

the only reason i could see msd would be for timing retard, but if you're running managment you can pull your timing with that instead of some msd hack...
you can use uberdata on a p30, you just always see p28's cause they are cheap and readily available.

you can send your p30 to xenocron and he will chip it for you (as long as its usdm) and burn a basemap as well as a estimated tuned map according to what mods your running. all for 75 bucks ;)

i think you could use it on a P30 but i'm not sure, If you can't use uber on a p30 i don't think it will work with hondata either. But going with Uber will make you life alot easier because you can you can have everything you need from the wideband to a chip burner for the same price as an s200 with boost option. Alxo i think you should find out what kinda of goals you want, because 10 PSI on a 50/48 isn't the same as 10 psi on a 18g and that 10 psi isn't the same as a super 60. Figure out what HP range you wnat then you can figure out what the most reasonalible turbo to get. No you will not need a missing link if you have a tunable ECM. And you ignition will be fine.


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sell the p30, pick up a p28. the p30 will sell for more, and once chipped, its all the same. might as well make some money, and keep a p30 virigin. they are getting RARE!!! p28's are everywhere.
uberdata/crome/hondata will work on any obd1 ecu, and in your case, prefeerably a vtec one if you want vtec.

anyway, setting a psi level as a goal is the bass-ackwards way about boost.

power level is a goal. use whatever psi it takes to get there, within reason.
power and poor tunes break parts- not psi.
msd ignitions are worthless IMO. i've never had a mis fire on any honda i've been in with a stock ignition turbo car.
you will not need any type of map bypass.

obd1/2 maps can read 11, obd0 10.65 psi
if you want to go from 11 to 27, you need a 3-bar map sensor from a GM turbo trans am from 1989. no other car works. grand natty's and the cyclones/typhoons are 2.5 bar sensors, not 3.

how high are you above sea level? you're actually going to end up needing a little more fuel than most of us at normal elevations. at 4000 feet, its higher pressure, and thus, you're 1 psi is basically our vacuum. im sure theres some math, but thats beyond the scope of this post. basically, if it takes you 15 psi to hit X hp here, its going to take you about 16 or 17 due to the less dense air in the higher elevations.


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And, if you drive in and out of it often, tuning your ca ris going to be a BITCH


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ouch, i drive my car every day
that sucks on the p28 cause I just got rid of one cause I picked up my p30
i am thinking about 250 hp?
i am not sure on the size of my venom injectors, I might have to look at different one.
other than that I am running stock intake manifold


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 14 2005, 02:57 PM
no, i meant driving in and out of high elevations
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i dont really drive out of state, so between ft. collins and denver should be ok. the different is about 300 feet