Turbo Selection

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I am currently trying to help a friend of mine develop a "homemade" turbo kit. he asked if I could supply him w/ a turbo since I work on diesel trucks and almost all of them are turbocharged (I can get some of these relatively cheap). the only problem is that I have no idea what size or model to use. can anyone offer any help or any suggestions? thanx
check homemadeturbo.com the best homemade site on the web. most diesel s run t4 anf larger which are way way to big for a honda. best to use are t25, small t-3 14b and i run a ihi rhb5 on my car and it is very responsive.
I found this @ garretts home page. I think I can get some of the different trims through my employer, but I need model numbers and applications. I know not all trucks use t4s. There are small ass turbos on 3.2 liter isuzu diesels and some other little diesels. I just need more info on the subject. I asked the parts dept. to try to get me some a/r ratios, but i don't know what else to look for. can anyone help?

-Garrett GT 15 compact turbocharger is designed for today's small displacement engines. Based on the well-known T2 design, the GT 15 family is engineered to provide an economic performance boost for small displacement diesel and gasoline engines in passenger cars, light duty trucks and marine applications.

The GT 15's application range is for 1.3 to 1.6 liter (60-80 bhp) diesel engines and 1.0 to 1.4 liter (85-120 bhp) gasoline engines. The compact packaging makes the GT family ideally suited for twin turbo applications on V-block engines. The GT 25, at the high end of the range, can be configured to match gasoline engine ratings up to 210 hp. The GT 17, GT 20, and GT 22 fill in the flow ranges between the GT 15 and GT 25.

The Garrett VNT 15 (GT 17V) turbocharger is currently featured on the VW 1.91 TDI engine in the new Beetle, among others.
Originally posted by turborex13@Feb 26 2003, 10:05 PM
most diesel s run t4 anf larger which are way way to big for a honda.

no way...

the t4 60-1 IS a diesl turbo. its a 7-fin wheel. while it is a big turbo, its more than suitable for a honda if is built right.

what kind of car is this setup going on?
I am running a Holset H1C on my prelude off a 90 5.9 dodge cummins. It is a divided tang turbo and as long as you build a good manifold and split up the exh. pulses youll be good. mine has lil to no lag time.
pissedoffsol- no, b18b1.
eicivic-How much pressure does a turbo off a 5.9 cummins produce? Would that be accectable w/ stock internals, or do you need engine management of some sort?
i think the junkyard route is a waste of time for an LS. most of the turbos you are going to find there are really small.

spend the money- you can get a full t3 or a t3/t4 hybrid off ebay for 500 or less