TURBO SIZE for h22

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i have a H22A ek civic want some recomindations for turbo sizes or set ups people have gone with. I was thinking about peiceing together a set up but not sure where to start. i would buy a whole kit if i could find a good quality kit for decent price any suggestions?


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ive heard that stock h22+ turbo = fail but i dont know thats what ive heard

go to turbo kits.com to atleast se what sizes they are usin


Depends too much on how old the engine is, how good the tune is, how well built the setup is, etc. Too many variables.

je power

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go with a holset hx35 you cant go wrong with them they are ball bearing and they come on line hard. im about top do a h22a swap in my ef hatch but im going na.


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start here: Turbo Selection: A Guide to Understanding Flow Maps - Automotive Articles .com Magazine
after understanding that try reading this
Turbo Sizing Tech Specs - Honda Tuning Magazine
then go here (or some other reputable turbo mfg) and look around at their stuff and what it does
TurboByGarrett.com - Turbochargers
decide what you want from there(turbine compressor size, bb, what have you) then shop for a turbo with those traits and choose quality over low cost or you could be out a car