Turbo Sizing

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where can i find info on turbo sizing. what turbos tend to work best with b18b? what is a realistic amount of horsepower that can be produced with a turbo on a b18b? thanks for any info.
i dont know how many hp im shooting for cuz im still learning everything. i dont want to throw an uneducated number out there so thats why i was asking for some info. maybe a site so i can educate myself on the different boosts then maybe give a hp number. i was asking in general with block mods and everything what are the kind of numbers people are getting out there with what turbo and what kind of mods. i know this question probably has been asked many times before all im asking is for a little of your knowledge. sorry if my first question wasnt as clear as it should have been.
well, boost level means dick.

10 psi on a 14g makes say, 100 horse
10 psi on a t88 makes say, 600 horse

just generic numbers... but the size of the turbo has a LOT to do with power. people who say "I want to run X psi" clearly know nothing about turbos. hello and welcome to the internet :) let's learn.

200 whp in a civic is fast
300 whp in a civic is stupid fast
400 whp in a civic is retarded
500 whp in a civic takes 30% off the average lifespan
600 whp in a civic requires a 3rd testicle

How much you build the block depends on how big you want to go.
a b18b is a good cheap boost motor. a simple drag or rev hard kit, tuned, will get you 200 to the wheels easily on 8 psi or so. 200 whp will have you romping on pretty much everything in town. you will own stangs and camaros as long as you can get traction.

if you want to go a little bigger, you need to start thinking custom. and, now, things get espensive. the above will cost you about 3-4 grand. this will cost you 8 easy.

so really, its how fast do you want to go, and how big is your wallet
if i wanted to get in the 250-300 hp range is this a realistic number on pump gas. if so what size and kind of turbo should i use and whats a ballpark amount for it?
I would use a t3/t04e for that set amount of horsepower. And b since when have you had a 3d testicle?
A good friend of mine is running about 7 psi on a almost stock B18B w/ Gretty t4 and he dynoed close to 300 to the flywheel and about 270-280 to the wheels. He is on 19's and he gets no traction on 1st 2nd and beginning of 3rd.