Turbo timer help

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i have an apexi timer that i'm hooking up, got everything done but it's not keeping the car running, the only thing i was iffy on was the ignition wiring. it says to hook up the blue wire to ig1 and the green to ig2, well in my helms they are listed ias igp1 and igp2 do you think thats the same? And can i hook them up at the ECU or do they need to be hooked up at the ign, cyl?


they wire into the ignition. make sure you unplug the battery, or you will get zapped on the white wire. ask me how i know. :ph34r:

apexi's website has diagrams of what to conect to.


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if you could that would be sweet, everytthing else is working fine on it but not the timer and that the most important. LEt me know what you find B, is you could just tell what wire is what on the ign cyl that would be good enought. honda has them listed a igp 1 and igp 2


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OK i got it figured out.
The IG1 and IG2 wires are located on a brown plug thats pluged into the fuse panel onder the dash.
The plug will be brown and have 2 wires coming off of it.
Black w/ white
Yellow = IG2
Black w/ yellow. = IG1