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this is a interesting thought....

Turbo chargers run off of exhaust fumes, which are utilized to spin the turbine, which blows massive amounts of
air into the engine right? but the only draw back is the lag....

so why cant they make a turbo charger of sorts that is powered by the car battery.....
some sort of fan that would be powered by the battery....

is this a dumb question?
um... because the battery would have to connect to an electric powered engine that is connected to the compressor that would spin it at 150,000 rpm.... dosen't sound to practical to me. if you don't want lag... buy a supercharger.
lag is your friend.

see the forced Ind. forum, where i put an end to it :)
oil lines are usually the problem- and thats because people half-ass it and dont use -AN and NPT fitting