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hey guys. I have a JDM 2000 Type R into an EG6 running with p28 (stock). I think it runs fine, but i guess it's time to Tune it. I am wondering if there is program outthere that will run a Type R, i am not doing anything fancy, just Cold air intake, headers. I just want the engine to run like a type R should. Can someone recommend something ? by the way i have a apexi VAF2. Thanks


look into getting uberdata or hondata on it.

and in the mean time, DO NOT rip on your car. the fuel maps and ignition maps are ALL WRONG for the itr on a p28.


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don't fuck with the "jun" program either... you need the proper ECU or some form of management that you can have tuned on a dyno with a wideband.

it boggles my mind that some people can think its okay to run the fuel and ignition timing from a 125 hp single cam VTEC engine in a 200 hp DOHC one.. with more displacement...

check into hondata and uberdata please!!


very true man, i ran my p28 on my b16, and although it ran fine+ a lil lean,i couldn't imagine runnin it on a itr tho, this weekend i picked up a chipped p28 for $150, it runs much better with the chip (unknown tuned program for LSV), but basically i got it so i can start on uberdata+datalogging, and don't have to use my fucked up solder iron.
If you already ordered the chip burner, id pick up a cheap ecu like i did, and take the p28, socket that, and do tests on that if you fuck it up you dont feel bad / be stranded.