type r swap?

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New Member
I have a 2000/98 type r in my 92 eg. I have to get it refereed in cali and when i took it their they gave me a long a long list of things i have to do to legalize it. I have to run the type r ecu and i cant use a jumper harness because i have to have the obd2 data link connector inside the car also. I believe the only way for me to do this is to change the engine harness to obd2, ecu harness, and the harness on the passenger side (I think thats where the connector is but not sure)

I know its not going to be the easiest thing to do, but what problems am i going to run into doing this? Has anyone done this that can help me out? Are their parts in my civic that arent going to work after i do this?

Please any help would be awesome, i have to do this by the end of february, and their is more to