Type R Swap

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Junior Member
has anyone here done this swap ?i need some info on the harnness since the ctr motor came out of a right hand drive car the hanness is all backwards and my dx harnness wont work hasport told me to get a 96-00 ex harnness ha ha good luck all the okeys around hear just cut all th connectors off ? can any one help? <_<

thankyou all i put the motor in yesterday with some mods to the jdm harnness and it started right up no problems just have to put the wheels back on and fix my exaust
thank you all
You could get one from Honda,but I think you can use your harness and run the extra wires.
i think getting the 96-00 ex harness would be the best way to go. . . E solsi's ITR delsol project is going good. . . we are planning on using his stock Si harness on the JDM (RHD) ITR motor, looks like it will work with a few modifications