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im thinking about uberdata. but im confused on exactly everything i need. i want data logging so i can tune it, and see whats going on.

list of things i know (or think) i need:

uberdata software
laptop - what are the min. requirements for uberdata? im really only gona use the laptop for tuning
chips.................. --
rom burner............|-- where do i get these?
datalogging box?--

about the datalogging box. i know with hondata they give you one, but what about with uberdata? do i build my own or something?

also my ecu is a chipped/socketed p28 obd1. will any other modifications be necessary to the ecu? like for datalogging?

any info is appreciated, im trying to learn everything i can about all this stuff. anything im missing or need to know please add. i tried going to pgmfi.org, but it wont let me register for some reason. it says ive already registered, but when i try to get my password sent, it gives me an error saying it cant connect or some shit.

thanks :)


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check out the Engine Managment FAQ over on HMT.com
then check out xenocron.com for a complete Uber kit

chris is a good guy with more than fair prices

edit: if/when we meet up tomorrow i can show what all i've got in my TE setup
IMO its easier to understand when someones talking instead of typing


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I got the flash n burn from moates it works great and I think they sell a box for data logging too I dont know if you need that cause I think you can use a USB cell phene cable and a laptop.