Universal Muffler

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I got Custom Piping done 2 1/4" from the cat back in my GSR 92 Hatchie, i have a shitty ass muffler, i want my car really quiet and im wondering what universal muffler will keep this car quiet. because im getting to much complaints around my house that its "too loud".


Super Moderator
you want a straight through design for flow reasons. They can get pretty loud. However, if you get one that is larger around and longer, it takes the sound down quite a bit. I just put on a muffler made by Vibrant. It's big, but it flows well and it's not too loud.



this has NOTHING to do with a swap. please use the right forums from now on.


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If a car with say a short ram intake and an aftermarket muffler *coughs mine *coughs, wa to have the muffler replaced for an oem one, would any power be lost? Everything else on the car is stock.


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a few im sure maybe 3hp maybe 1.5 baybe .08