Upgraded to XF to 2.2


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Lot's of new features in this release.

Biggest one is the addition of the PWA, which is basically an 'app' you can install to your phone or chrome-based browsers. Sorry apple people, they don't support it. Buy a device that supports web standards :) Your browser may prompt you to install it. I don't recommend it on a desktop as it gets rid of the ability to live in tabs, but on the mobile, you get a home screen icon with indications for notifications just like an app and push. *from the Ellipsis menu on Chrome, click 'add to home screen'.*

It also will pre-cache content offline so you have a faster experience. be sure to monitor the data controls (like, allow on wifi only) if you have concerns. It should be low kb's.

There's also some new post types, in addition to the normal Discussion and Poll types, there's Q&A and Article formats. Articles will display more like an article without the left side avatar info. Q&A will allow others to vote on the best answer, putting the better content up top, like stackoverlfow.

The media gallery was also upgraded. Some minor tweaks there, but notably you can share attachments from a gallery to a thread now so there's 1 source.

Search is improved with additional Elastic Search functionality. Similar threads may show at the bottom of threads to help keep you on topic for more reading.

The editor is new. I hear it's not great on Ios. sorry, but see point #1 above :X It's a 3rd party system from https://froala.com/wysiwyg-editor/ and they are working on some bugs. When in doubt, switch to the manual option instead of bbcode enhanced.
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