Upgrading to larger Calipers with Big Brake Kit ?

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I have a Big Brake Kit installed on my Integra GS-R and would like to get some upgraded calipers on the vehicle.

I hear upgrading the calipers is a great brake upgrade !

I have secured some Prelude VTEC Calipers which are the same as the ITR/92+ Legend/Accord V6/Accord Station Wagon. The knuckles (brackets) that come with these won't work with that setup.

Any suggestions as to if there are any brackets that I can use that could work ??

The calipers I have come with 23T brackets (knuckles). What about the 25T or 28T ?

I guess the brackets I would need are the same ones that would mate the ITR/Prelude calipers I have with the stock GS-R rotors.

Any suggestions.

I am not looking for advice as to what best to get - just need to know how I can get this to work !!!

I already have the Big Brake Kit and the calipers - just need the right knuckles if they exist.

If they don't exist, anybody have any ideas on how to make it (what material is best to use and what dimensions) ?

Some help please !!