Urgent: Map Sensor Problems

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Hey, For those of you who dont know, I have a 91 Crx Si, and Im putting a 91 LS B18A in it...
I am trying to get the vacuum lines set up, but, as i have been told to do by many, i have the stock si sensor on there... Not enough vacuum lines for one, but i fixed that with some of my own hose and splitters... anyways, can anyone provide any tips or a diagram ( that would be AWESOME ) of how to hook up the Si MAP sensor lines to the LS Motor...
Please Please Please Please
Also, the IAC ( Idle Air Controller ) is mounted on the back of the intake manifold... the Si has one too, with the same plug.... My old Si engine is in my friends rex, and its there... but, anyways, i CANNOT, no matter how hard I look, find the damn plug on the harness for it... it is a simple 2 prong plug.... Would It be ok to hardwire it to a switch, so I can turn it on when I start the car, and turn it off when the car is warm? Or will it effect the engine? the way it runs, or anything like that??
Im really lost here, If I can get this fixed, I can drive my car ( It has been 3 months since I started this swap, i NEED my car ) so, please help if you can
Thanks alot
you can also get ahold of me on AIM at Phre0nBurn <-- the 0 is the # zero
or email me at phreon_burn@hotmail.com
thanks again
Umm, I beleive so...
Its the stock 91 integra ecu