usb radio issue


well, i have tried searching numerous times to find a solution to this annoying issue.

i have a pioneer deh-6000ub head unit that has a usb connection.

have always used the usb connection without issue.
my last phone (motorola droid) worked fine for a long time when hooked up to the usb, no issues.
towards the end of having that phone, it started.

when i plug the phone into the usb it randomly does not start where it was when disconnected. its annoying.

i replaced that phone with the htc sensation, and same issue.
have bought a new, larger microsd card, and same issue.
all music files are mp3. and the issue is completely random.
have tried disconnecting the phone from radio before cutting the car off, after cutting it off, and reconnecting it before and after turning on. couldnt find a pattern.

some days, it will remember and start exactly where left off, some days it wont.
there isnt a power issue with the radio, none of the settings are ever lost, so its not like its just losing the constant power while the car is shut off.

searched google... nothing.

wasnt as big of an issue when i had an 8gb sd card.
but now i have a 32gb and its a pain to have to search through all the files to find what i was listening to.
and im getting tired of hearing the same damned song on start up. lol

any suggestions?


sounds like the USB port is going south...

I put a pioneer radio in kristens elantra, after having it in the mirage for about a year. hers was doing the same shit recently with a creative zen nano mp3 player. yesterday i couldnt get the radio to recognize my iPhone, which it has done without fault forever. i'm sure we'll be replacing it soon. unit works fine otherwise.

have you tried other devices? USB memory stick maybe?


no. guess i could. i have a usb thumb drive somewhere. just need to find it. never use it, always use my phone for transferring files.

i hope its not on its way out. of all the head units ive had, this one is by far my favorite.

will try the thumb drive.


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Sounds like you should just get a couple of 8GB usb drives and plug different ones in :ph34r: