(usdm) LS & (jdm) B16A engine harnesses same?

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of course they're on the opposite sides

but other then that, are the pinouts same on the plugs?

i was told that they are, and only problem was that they are on opposite sides..


i pulled the harnesses far enough to reach, and found out that alot of the wiring is not the same.

grounds on one side of the harness, ends up as some other wire on the other side

i.e. my temp gauge sender unit, was set directly to a power reference.. so whenever i put my key to on, or tried to crank it, it would go fully hot.

car does not run.. to fix this problem, get all the wiring straight.. would i be able to re-pin the engine harness where it meets the chassis harness so that they all match color for color?


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you need to run a vtec wire, but they are otherwise the same. Get a socketed pm6, use turboedit to make a chip/tune and you are good to go.


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i've already ran the car with the b16, i just want to know if the harnesses are the same, if the same pins are used from the ecu to the harness..


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Due to the hanress being backwards, and the motor being the same direct, things that do not run to the ECU are changed to accomodate the set up, and wires that do go to the ECU, are going to be routed different than in a LHD car.


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yea, thanks for the reply..

i went and checked continuity through the inside cabin's wiring harness from the ecu to the points where they come out to the engine harness, and they were in completely different points..

i ended up using my usdm cabin harness, flipping it and force stretching the engine harness so they reach the other side..