Utilizing a Blue box in a turbo z6 swap...

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Ok, this is my situation. I picked up a hatch and a z6 yesterday, both for 130. The hatch dosent have an engine in it, so i was gona put the z6 in there, and boost it.

Now... I understand the whole OBD0 not running vtec thing (unless you have the pr3, and i do not), and i do not have the money to spare for another P28 and a conversion harness. I also am gona run boost, and do the MPFI conversion.

Thats my situation,

To sum it up...

Will the blue box work on an obd0 car? and will there be "vtec maps" since the blue box is hooked up now? BTW this also goes under my assumption that the blue box has a vtec wire on it.