Vacuum line problem

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Ok I'm really hoping someone can help me with this. I'm trying to get the 92 ls motor running right in my hatch, but I'm pretty sure there is a problem with the vacuum lines. When I start it up, it struggles to stay alive until the check engine light comes on at which time it idles perfect. I noticed that on integras, there are two little vacuum canisters on the fire wall, where my civic only has one. Do I need to get the other one and try to figure out where the lines all go to, or is there a way to do it without buying the other one? If someone has a diagram it would be awesome. (I already searched and couldnt find the right one). Thanks
You can use the old OBD sensors off your car.. the map sensor is on the firewall on an EF civic along with some sort of vavle which i cant think of off hand.. make sure the map sensor is plugged in. and be sure the vacuum lines are setup right.
it has the manuals for the D16a6, DOHC ZC, and b16a1 CRX. You should be able to find the vacumm lines there and get a manual for the integra motor or find it online.. but i think its setup almost exactly the same as the b16 in the CRX. If you really need i can probably post hte vacuum lines or send you them as an attachment in an email.
the b17a1 in the GSR of that generation is bascially the same as the b16a1 just a little more torque.

a b18a should have a similar of not exactly the same diagram for vacuum lines.. See if you can find someone with a similar setup to check you own. Almost any B-series should do, or at least give you a better idea.