vacuum please help

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OK well i just got my turbo nack from majestic, I desided to replace all my vacuum lines with new ones. Now when i let off the gas vacuum drops to 30 then goes back to the normal 20. It's 20 at idle, Also my type s BOV sounds weird now, kinda like a wine, or hiss, instead of the normal sound. But if i unplug the vacuum from the wastegate and leave the line off with out pluging it then it sounds normal! It's more normal when i leave a leak in the system then when i have the loop closed? Its really crazy.
Sorry, but I didnt see a question in there anywhere. The BOv is probably stripped. Does it make "after-blow-off" sounds? like if you build boost and let off the gas (and dont touch teh gas) can you hear more noises? Mine did this once. I stripped the threads in teh cap by overtightening the 10mm nut on top. It made a wang sound like it was going down a chromatic scale. As for teh vaccum going al the way to 30....I dunno, thast wierd..