Vacuum Problem Help?

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Does anyone know where I can get the vacuum diagram for the jg victor x intake manifold for a 94 gsr motor? It came with the instructions but it doesn't show you what goes to what. Any help would greatly be appreciated....
Don't double post. People read all the forums. You posted this on Friday night, the board is never very busy on Fridays. If anyone knows you will get an answer.
Do you know of a website that can help? Sorry for the double post!
I imagine that the vacuum lines will be run the same as they would on the stock manifold. That is the way they are run for a Skunk2 manifold.
I had the skunk2 originally on my b16 but the jg on the b18 has less holes on the manifold...I'm stumped...I got a screwed up idle and blowing loads of smoke.
Look under your hood,not in the bay but under it.There is a factory vacuum diagram,use it and the instructions to figure it out and then plug what you don't use.
Thanks for the replies but I'm still having problems.
pictures would help... you most likely will have to "T" in some vac lines on the new manifold if it not having enough holes.
Thanks for the replies and nice set-up. I can't figure it out so I'm just gonna take it to ecp my shop that built my turbo hatch and see what they say...