Valentine One

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So, I've been reading up about it, theres a few on eBay, seem a little pricy. Who's using one, if so which version, and what do you think about it?
I love it- got whatever version was new back in June 2001. The only place you can really buy a V1 new is from Valentine themselves- so look at their site before you try to buy an older one on eBay.
a alternative would be the Escort Passport 8500
which is $100 less and performs just as well.

in any case the only detectors worth buying is the type
with a Superheterodyne, GaAs Fet VCO receiver
If the one your looking for doesn't have this type it's POS and not worth any amount of money
Unless you live in MT where Laser is unheard of and almost every cop uses K band. I've only seen two cops ever use Ka here, so my $55 Whistler radar detector I got off of eBay picks them up just fine.
Valentine One is an overpriced piece of crap, and notice how only valentine sells that crap. LOL
Get the Escort passport 8500 or the BEL 980 :spin:
I don't think the Valentine is overpriced... it's worth the cash, especially if you're in a big city like Houston or Dallas. Knowing where everything is, how strong the signals are, and how many are tracking you really IS useful.
If it could put the $600 cash back in my pocket for my tickets, it's worth it.
i've had 9 tickets, one driving too fast ticket, and i've had an escort and a valentine 1. since the V1 i haven't had a single speeding ticket because of its early warning and sensitivity. the escort passport doesn't even come close to the power of the V1 and no other radar detector does either. notice, Car and Driver is one of the few reputable places actually doing radar detector tests and their reputation is more important than the ad money they could possibly get from valentine 1.

you always get what you pay for, and the valentine 1 is the best radar detector on the market, hands down.
Originally posted by chet@Feb 17 2003, 09:16 AM
you always get what you pay for, and the valentine 1 is the best radar detector on the market, hands down.


I just have to get around to hard-wiring it into a hidden spot in my ceiling, and then mounting the remote display somewhere behind a piece of smoked lexan.