Valve seal replacement

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I don't want to take my head off to do this. I was wondering if i put the piston below the valves i am working on at TDC, would i be able to just let the valve fall into the combustion chamber and then pull it back out? I know i need a valve spring compressor, but do i need some other type of tool for this job?

yes you could do this, but you would never be able to get your retainers back in after taking the valve springs off. you need to get an adapter (like one for blow by testing) that connect to your air compessor hose. this allows you to fill the cylinder with compressed air (from an air compressor) to "hold" the valve upright while you work. shouldn't be that spendy. and should be easy to find.
Or the ghetto way...thread a piece of rope into the spark plug hole to keep the valves in place. tongue.gif


do you mean to put a rope through the spark plug hole and fill the combustion chamber with it?

Sounds like a good idea
i just got done changing two of hte seals. It took a while because the POS $20 valve spring compressor needed to be modified to fit into the head. The nylon rope trick worked out perfectly. The first major problem occured when i was trying to put the valve keepers back onto the retainer and it slipped off of the tweezers and fell into on of the holes that goes into the motor and I really hope that hole goes to the oil pan. Can anyone confirm this? It is one of the holes right beside the valves.
use a magnet... if you dont have any luck, you should pull the oil pan, look for the keepers and if you cant find them I would get a large magnet and place it on the inside of the oil pan, and hope for the best, checking again in a few miles to see if the keepers are on the magnet