vandalsim up in town...

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The Trisexual
that sucks.

why can't they use paintball guns or something

then it's still a misdemeanor, nothing gets "really" hurt and the idiots still get their entertainment.


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jun 2 2005, 10:14 AM
my neighbor across the street got his celica hit. i got lucky and nothing happened at my house.

WTF. how can over 80 people get hit with a pellet gun, and the police have not 1 lead.
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My dads Trailblaizer got hit to last weekend, Driver window..funny thing is my celica, and my explorer were also parked in the rd and they didn't touch those cars.....


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people these days don't care about anything but themselves. I really hate those people who take 5 minutes to cross the street, while they are staring at you when you have to stop bc they are walking sooo damn slow. I got to the point where i almost hit some dude bc him and his friends took mad long to cross, i came a few inches of hitting him, ths is when i had my cr-v.


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Dude your town fuckin blows !

I can't believe that shit. I live in Naugatuck Valley and don't get half the shit you do. My gf and I are talking about this nice house in a "Shitty" neighborhood because it has a bar. That's nothing compared to Meriden, Bristol and points north. Sheeit.

I also went to Waterbury proper yesterday.. that place is turning into Newark really fast.

-> Steve


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" "It has been totally random," said Morrell.

Morrell said most of the vandalism seems to be equally spread out over Friday and Saturday and typically occurs during the overnight hours."

Thats not random, thats kids getting drunk, driving around with their BB guns shooting cars. The reason some cars are getting skipped is... Hello? Pump gun? Takes a sec to reload! Still stupid, buncha guys around here got caught shooting marbles outta their paintball guns at cars, unfortunately for them, they were retarded, adn also had music blasting, so someone awake heard the commotion, came outside, and saw them shoot his neighbors car... Licensce plates -> 911 -> restitution+community service. STUPID way to end a perfectly good night of drinking!


this entire thread can be linked back to the "what is wrong with todays kids" thread.

they better hope they don't shoot the sti... cuz i will hear them, and i WILL be able to catch up to them in it-- windows or not.


Did you guys hear about some store in I think it was Simsbury that had all of its trees and landscaping stolen over the weekend?


It's only stupid if it doesn't work
vandalism is one thing, but just shooting random cars is really messed up. think who you dont like and go to their house. and you do that on nights when you cant get or dont want to drink. that way you drive under control, dont get pulled over, dont get a dui and then the cop searches your car, finds a paintball or bb gun and gets you for that too.


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Stupid fucking kids have no fucking respect for ANYTHING. Shit I'm 18 and do I go driving around shooting car and house windows in the middle of the night? Fuck no. Those fucking faggots are the ones that fuck it up for the rest of us. I agree with Battle Pope, they should be shot as many times as there were complaints.