Very nice Home theater center channel for sale


I'm just about that action Boss.
Bump for a good buy it now.

If I wasn't in debt, I'd take this off your hands.


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omg, moron high bidder backed out

its back up, only at $10 now with no reserve!!!!

buy this, it sounds simply amazing!!


Blah blah blah....
Buy Denon, they make probably the best receivers I've ever used. I installed surround systems in new homes the last two summers. Infinity makes GREAT drivers and cool looking cabinets, but denon makes awesome AVR's.


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hurry up and buy

7 hours left

who's gonna be the one that outbids B?? :D

edit: if it goes for over 140, I will include a free dvd of my choice to the high bidder*

it it goes over 145- 2 dvd's of my choice will be included!!!

*dvd will not come with actual case, just teh disk in a generic jewel case :)


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Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Apr 10 2004, 08:02 AM
damnit, fell asleep, and got outbid :(


"sorry for bidding on your auction, i realized that i cant pay for the item"

goddamn freaking 0 feedback newb morons.

Im afraid to give him negative feedback cause he will do the same to me just for spite. ebay feedback system is such bullshit. i bought a pair of infinity rs-3's (50lbs each) from some dude in cali, and he sent them with no padding. Needless to say the corners were crushed in when they arrived, and the speakers currently reside in the dumpster behind my apt. :(

I filed a complaint with paypal, and they told me they cant do shit. I left the dude neg feedback, and he did the same for me. 220 dollars wasted. :(

Anyway- If anyone wants to throw me some offers for the speaker i will be willing to sell it to you. The dvd deal listed above is still in effect :)