Very Rondom List Of Stuff For Sale

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ok... it is time now for me to clean out my garage... it is getting carried away plus i need alot of money by the end of feb. so lets see if i can't sell all of this crap...

- JDM h22a complete swap 34,000 miles, (engine, tranny(manual), ecu, wiring, axles)... $2000.00

- 91 crx si complete drivers side door primer black, no dents... $35.00

- 89 crx complete passanger door shaved handle primer black, no dents... $35.00

- 92-96 prelude headlights with brackets... $75.00

- 88-91 crx headlights (2 sets)... $40.00 a set

- SOHC vtec solenoid w/gasket... $50.00

- 88-91 crx front bumper with si lip but has hf bumper support, it is much lighter, primer grey... $25.00

- 88-91 crx rear bumper cover w/o support also primer grey... $15.00

- 95 accord stock taillights... $15.00

- 98 integra 2dr stock taillights... $20.00

- 88-91 black crx dash... $75.00

- numerous 88-91 crx interior parts, everyhting you can think on, prices vary e-mail me for prices

- stock 89 crx si wheels with tires, missing 2 od the center caps... a little oxidized... $40.00

- stock 95 accord alloys with tires in great condition... $100.00

- 95 accord driver and passenger side air bags...$150.00 each or $250.00 for both

- 1 lexus is 300 tail light with bulbs and harness, geat condition... $50.00

- 89 crx si knuckles needed for swapping bigger motors into an hf complete with good rotors... $75.00

- cross-drilled front and rear rotors for 95 accord barley used... $75.00

- tokico (whites) 5-way adjustible struts for 95 accord... $150.00

- skunk2 coilovers for 95 accord... $100.00

- 88-91 crx rear passenger side quarter glass... $25.00

- 95 accord radiator... $75.00

- set of 88-91crx rotor and brake pads like new... $40.00

- some cheap short ram intake for a crx, no filter... $10.00

- sohc vtec stock valve cover... $15.00

- ZEX dry kit, complete... $400.00

- 99 civic 4dr tail lights with bulbs and harness... $25.00

- a set of 88-91 crx a/c controls, w/ NO CRACKS... $100.00

- stock 95 accord power mirrors, blue... $20.00

well.. this is all i can think of at the time... if i think of anything else i will add it later.. if you have any questions or want to make an offer, e-mail me at
- 88-91 crx front bumper with si lip but has hf bumper support, it is much lighter, primer grey... $25.00

I just wanrt the si lip any way you'll seperate the two? would make it a little easier to ship it that way.
I am in austin, tx...and yes i will seperate the 2 but it will cost you $20 plus shipping w/o the bumper because the bumper is practically worthless w/o the lip... oh and the lip is not primer grey... it is still stock black... let me know what you think...

h22 is sold and so are the skunk2 coilovers....