Vibration and noise in DelSol

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OK-- here is the issue, when its cold/cool outside i get this weird vibration and rattle in the engine compartment around 4500-7000 rpm, its only when its pulling in gear -i.e. just reving the engine wont duplicate the problem.

I think it could be a motor mount, only because i cant really thing of anything else that is logical that would cause this rattle noise. Its an intense loud noise that goes away after a few minuts of warming up and reaching operating temp. I mostly notice it when i really get on it in lower gears....



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Does it sound/feel like it's coming from the tranny?

I know with my swap, when the car was cold, various things would rattle, but as soon as it warmed up, the thing was quiet as a mouse. Mine was compliments of the solid mounts.


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it feels like the engine is about to come loose, but no vibration in the drivers seat or shifter or steering wheel,

how do you test a FWD motor mount?


isn't fast or furious
After playing with it this morning im still at a loss to determine the problem, i can baby it up to 6500 rpm and it isnt as bad but as soon as i go WOT its sounds aweful

has anyone expirenced anything similar to this?


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test motor mounts by brake torquing. one foot on the brake (setting the ebrake helps if your not super coordinated). if auto, just give it gas on and off while in drive with foot firmly on the brake, and have a buddy watch to see if the engine is moving excessively (dont screw up and run your buddy over). If its standard, the same thing applies, but youve got to work the clutch at the same time (left foot works clutch, right foot holds brake and works gas pedal),

Another thought, cracked flywheel/ pressure plate. have you had the engine or trans out recently before this started?


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Not saying that this could affect you but what engine are you running in the del sol?? there was a recall on some of the dohc vtec engines about a vibration noise heard while running the engine above 4000 rpms, it was for the exhaust manifold, there is an inner and outer pipe right before it goes into the catylitic converter, and the weld that held the inner pipe to the outer pipe broke and cause a mean rattle. My brother got it covered under warranty on his 99 gsr back in the day, I think they just took it apart and stuffed a shim in there and welded it together again, then bolted it back to the cat.
The only reason I think its exhaust is bacause you say it goes away when the engine gets warm, motor mounts don't all of a suddon work because they heated up. Also I find that most rpm related noises/vibrations are exhaust related, something rubbing, lost a rubber hanger whatever.

If you don't find somethign with the exhaust then check all of your brackets for accessories (alternator, p/s a/c) try to isolate the noise by tapping on things or trying to move them with the engine cold to see if anything shifts just a little but.

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id put money down that welfare is right, its definetly in your exhaust somewhere dude, whethere the exhaust noise is caused by bad motor mounts, thats another issue, but 90% of the time if its a rattle and it goes away when warm. it will be your exhaust! :)


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thanks guys for all the sugestions

the actual issue was the driver side motor mount was super loose.
i had the sol in the shop for the timing belt and water pump change last month for the 216,000 mile change lol.

i got three good turns on the 17mm bolt, dang!
but it stoped the noise completely

and i didnt know u could check a FWD motor mount the same way you could check a RWD cars motor mounts, so i learned 2 things today, lol. (and my sol has the D15B) side note

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ive been a mechanic for 9 years but generally checking motor mounts front and rear have been the same, just gotta lock the brakes and load the engine, and see how much it moves, or whats the mounts and see if there are any cracks when they are flexing! glad you found the problem!!!