Video converting program for iPod?

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The Hondaswap Canadian
Ok so ive been looking around for a good program for converting video (avi, mpeg etc), onto your ipod. The programs ive tried all suck, trials run out too quick or doesnt do what i want it to. Just something to put ipod ready vids on itunes, ive thought about getting Quicktime Pro but ive heard nothing but bad things about it. Also i have a Mac so it has to work for that too lol.

^Did. Also try reading my post better. I have a Mac with Leopard, .exe files dont work for Macs. (unless someone knows how).
but you need to be net browsing in mozilla firefox, from you tube, you'll have a little oragami paper crane icon near top right, you click on that and follow prompts. is free, can only do 10/day.
also, microcenter sells some vid converter for $25.
Ok well i think i found one. Called iSquint. Free and so far its done a good job. Super simple and pretty quick. I finally got Benders Game on my iPod!
Woo is right my green friend. A whole day of long tedious soul searching is finally over.
I have been waiting on an email back...I sent my friend who put the program on my computer an email asking for the site so hopefully he will respond soon