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Does anyone have import video/DVD... because i want to know if there are any good ones out there. i have one called Mischief 3000 but its not that great. So what are some good import vids.. let me know.... thanx
i just saw a dvd called street fury. its not bad. they cover hot import nights and a few import models, and they have drifting footage taken at a race track in california, but the drivers were from japan. they also have some footage fo the tokyo auto salon and talk to a few drag racers like bisi ezerioha with his 10-second all motor crx, and the guy who drives the sr motorsports' rx-7. its worth the price of the rental anyway. its fairly new so should be in the new section.

there is supposed to be this series of videos caled best motoring i think, and they have volumes 1 thru 5 of import racing (professional) in japan. supposed to be really good. i saw them mentioned on the super street magazine site (

yea, its called best motoring. here's a link to the review at super street:


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rudeludenotmeanthough - I actually know the guys who did Mischief 3000 hahaha.. I have the Street Fury DVDs and they're pretty decent. You can check them out at TOKYOPOP.COM in the video section. I have the Red, Gold and Blue editions. They have a Chrome edition that I still have to get. The show everything. The cars, the girls.. they usually have a featured car, featured girl and a featured crew. The go to shows like SEMA and HIN. I know that 360VM.COM also has DVDs but I have yet to buy one.


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nm... i just saw that they are selling Mischief 3000.. i never read what they were i really dont watch the import vids to often...

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definitely check out the street fury collection [gold, red and blue i think???]... they got some aiight videos, im in red i think... im in one of them.... look for a silver EG whomping on a white mustang and you found the car i was working on at the time hehe



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Just watched the Teckademics Mischief 3000 video. Got it off of KaZaA at 700mb's. The video cuts short, so how does it end? I got to the drifting part, where there is even an Accord Wagon doing pretty good on the track.


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i just watched a dvd called the fast and the fearless......its pretty good, has real street racing like a eg beating a corvette z06 :worthy: and a bunch of other shit
Originally posted by mwvnos@Jan 3 2003, 11:19 PM
i just watched a dvd called the fast and the fearless......its pretty good, has real street racing like a eg beating a corvette z06 :worthy: and a bunch of other shit

i saw that at best buy here. was thinking of getting it. was it worth $20? i got another one called "on the scene". its so-so. too much skateboarding and dancing crap..but they have alot of import model interviews if you like that kind of stuff...and two of them pose in front of nice skylines. the cars they show are kinda ricey and they dont even talk about them but the racing bonus scenes are pretty good and they show some awesome burnouts of some rx-7 and a supra. you can check it out here: