violent shaking


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every damn day there is a new problem with my when i was coming home from work"auctually leaving work" there was a loud pop like i ran over a bottle. the when i accelerate my car shakes real real bad.i crawled undernieth it and saw that a tie rod was pretty loose so i tightend it up .then i took it out for a spin and it just happends again out of the blue nothing.nothing.nothing then bam shaking like a blender.what could have poped that would make it shake like that?
were going to put it up on a lift tomarrow but i need some direction tonight so i can snoop around..


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Ok, first thing i would do...

1. Check for loose suspension components, Upper and lower control arms, tie rods, etc.... I doubt though that this is your problem.

2. If your caliper is loose, meaning either the upper or lower bolt on the caliper bracket is off or loose, it wont make a sound while you moving steadily forward, then if you apply the brakes it will break it loose, and BAM cause the front end to shake as you describe. If you cant find anything loose whatsoever, go to the next step...

3. If neither of the previous steps yielded any results, pull out your spark plug cables and distributor/Rotor. Check for arcing on your spark plug cables and a fouled distributor cap/rotor. If you see any sign of a missfire, perform a basic tune up...

If after you do all of this and nothing happens let us know, if you find it, let us know too. One of these 3 steps will almost surely, solve your problem.


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crap.the whole shop was full when i was there so i went to work.when i drove to the shop i could not notice anything as i was leaving i stupidly hoped the problem corrected itself and did a burn out.seconds later it was back full force.
1. its only when accelerating
2. brakes is a diff story no big deal they just need to be switched
the shaking is like a bad shopping cart. it feels like my wheel want to come off.
i dont know if this helps,when i got this hatch it has some kinda 4 or 5 way adjustable suspension on it. and when i took hard corners to the right it would make this wierd noise like a scrapping,i just wrote it off as nothing serious. but know that it is making this same sound whale driving its got to be at fault. its on the left side and the car is pulling to the right...thanks for the responses,im taking notes and am hopefully going to get it checked on sunday"no cars at the shop to get in the way" thanks guyz

oh,and would a bad distributor/rotor cause tha kinda shaking @ the wheels?
if this is to be the problem what kinda rotor/distributor fits on a first gen b16a?can i get one off a 90-93 integra? thanks again
As reck said could be the bearings....but fix that as soon as possible, had a similar old 90 teg would shake just like an old jacked up shopping cart..... on my way from PA to NY the car lost control on the expressway and slid across into the divider....luckily no one was turned out that the wheel studs had broke, dunno why I had just change the axles, brakes and control arms prior to this....strange.


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well i took it to work and it was so bad that i just sed fuck it and left it at my moms house and cought a ride to work.i was going to drive it to the shop today but its to damn dangerous. so i guess im either going to tow it to midas or leave with a AAA card in hand and hope i make it.


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I had a similar problem. It happened only during acceleration. My coil springs were cut and the car was near-slammed. I changed to some H&R Sport Springs and it went away. Just a thought....


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Which brings up a good point, if your car is too low the geometry of your axle is off. Violent shaking under accel. is often from inner axle joints gone bad.


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ok,i took off the 2 rods connecting to the front frame support.they were all fucked the whole with the bushing is saposed to be the size of a dime, but it was moving around in there and it chewed it up to about the size of the bushing and was going to pull i went to the pick and pull and got a new front frame mount and replaced it,come to relaize it wasnt the problem but that occured because of the problem. right before i got the car there was 2 brand new cv shafts put on .apperntly the passenger side cracked and was undetectable unless my friend sat ontop of the engine whal i drove a pointede it out. now its in the shop getting replaced with only shop fees and no cost of parts cuz there brand new and still under warrenty.thanks a lot guyz for your help.

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this is going to sound pretty wierd, but it works.

You know how you buy all the parts for a computer, then you put it together and it doesn't boot? Right? So you can't figure out, and you just unplug everything and start over, and then it works? right? Am I alone? lol.

Anyway, take off the wheel, take the axle out of the hubs, and make sure its joins are ok, and the arms are all hanging there, and then put it all back together. Also, put the car in neutral, after your done getting stupid dirty, and elevated, SPIN the tire, does it spin easily? If it doesn't you need a wheel bearing. But the bearing won't cause your shaking. Thats caused from a control arm, or an Axle that has a BLOWN joint. When it blows, it will make a loud pop, and the black juice will squirt out somewhere under your car.

Look for that.

Problem solved.



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Yeah, Jeff's right about the whole ripping it apart and putting it back together idea. When I swapped out my girlfriends axles for new ones, it made a clanking noise when driving. I swore a bunch, sat for a minute and then just decided to start taking it apart. After I put it back together it was golden. :shrug2: Sometimes it just works that way, I guess.