VSS issues

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Alright, my VSS just took a crap on me and I am not sure which one or where to order. The transmission if from a 97 ctr. Its an lsd. I thought that one from a 99 SI might work but its not the same. One from an integra perhaps?


I'm just about that action Boss.
I am about 90% sure that a VSS from a 99si will work.

YOu can get one at a hondadealer, online from a hondadealer discount place, ebay, wherever.


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See now youre just getting greedy. You want a car that drives and you want to know how fast it goes. God i cant believe the nerve of some people.


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screw knowing how fast I am going, I want my vtec back!!!

And yes the SI vss does look alot different, so it will work?